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Congratulations to the 2021
Outstanding Achievement
Award Recipients

Missouri Product Stewardship Council

Environmental Excellence Award

The Missouri Product Stewardship Council recognized that unwanted pharmaceuticals pose a clear threat to human health and the environment. They built a public-private collaborative effort that is reaching out to all Missourian to promote safer and better stewardship of unwanted household pharmaceuticals. They have been doing this educational campaign with a mixture of local contact/promotion, on-line access, and social marketing. The members of this voluntary collaborative of solid waste district, regulatory, and healthcare personnel
are using personal contacts to advance marketing messages and share developed resources. One key resource set is a webpage, which includes a state-wide map of pharmaceutical take-back locations, a reproducible fact sheet that local communities can tailor and use to encourage proper management of old meds, and some diverse, inclusive social media images & video to market themes that include “no
flushing” and “protecting the family.” They provide the City of Springfield’s guidance as a model on safe management of used sharps and unwanted meds so others can develop their own materials. This voluntary collaborative has synergized and built upon resources to provide enhanced, responsible, and actionable environmental protection for all of Missouri.

J. Scott Fowler

Lifetime Achievement Award

Mr. Fowler began his 37-year career in the Landfill Gas industry in 1983 with Waste Management of North America. He was a pioneer in the LFG industry, compiling and analyzing pump test data that led to the eventual development and calibration of landfill gas production curves. His work was part of what became the industry standard. His role evolved into performing GCCS wellfield assessments to evaluate the potential for numerous landfill gas recovery projects. During this time and for the rest of his career, Scott was a teacher and mentor to many. He continued to teach and mentor Wellfield Technicians, Waste Management Engineers in Training and Operations Managers throughout the Midwest. He had also set up a classroom in a doublewide trailer where he conducted formal Landfill Gas Management classes. In the late 1990’s, Scott left WM and joined Waste Energy Technologies. Next was the Fred Weber landfill, where he spent the balance of his career at the Champ Landfill. Despite his different career moves, his role as a teacher and mentor never diminished. While at Champ, he gained the respect and admiration of the local and state regulatory agencies, surrounding businesses, and even special interest groups. Most recently, he was actively training a new generation of engineers, managers, and technicians in what he deemed “applied common sense.” Scott was an inquisitive tinkerer, who always found the time to pass his knowledge of wellfield tuning onto others. His teaching and mentoring endures through hundreds of his former students that he taught to properly manage and tune wellfields. A large number of these “students of Fowler” are still in the landfill and landfill gas industry and can attribute their success to what they learned from Scott, using that knowledge to teach and mentor their own “students.” Scott’s influence and legacy within the LFG industry will remain long after his unexpected passing.

Jean Ponzi

Lifetime Achievement Award

Jean Ponzi has been a strong environmental education resource for the St. Louis region for nearly 30 years. As Green Resources Manager for the EarthWays Center of Missouri Botanical Garden, she currently promotes integration of sustainable thinking, planning and action into business practices as co-manager of the St. Louis Green Business Challenge. She has also worked in schools and with homeowners. She
operates the Garden’s Green Resources Answer Service, an email and phone sustainability hotline. She applies her background in media communications as a frequent environmental spokesperson for St. Louis activities and issues to local and national media. As a volunteer community service, she has produced and hosted the weekly environmental interview show, Earthworms, on FM-88 KDHX since 1988. She also hosts Growing Green St. Louis on the Big 550-KTRS AM, a weekly showcase for local sustainability achievements produced for the Garden, on the Big 550-KTRS AM. She has contributed articles to GreenBiz.com, Home Energy, Grist and Missouri Resources magazines, and many local and regional publications. Her column “Earthworms Castings” has been a regular feature of The Healthy Planet Magazine in St. Louis since 1997. She is innovative, creative, and extraordinarily engaging. She facilitates and catalyzes environmental stewardship success and growth. Her energy is infectious. 

Lisa McDaniel

Jan Dillow Coalition Contribution Award

Lisa served as President in 2016-2017 and was the Conference Chair in 2015. She has long been involved in the Coalition and environmental activities and demonstrated a high interest in education, recycling and nonprofit activities which is also evident in her other activities. She designed changes to the Coalition’s web site to reflect its overall environmental interests. She is currently the Solid Waste Program Manage at Mid-America Regional Council in Kansas City.

Prior Award Recipients


  • John Haasis - Jan Dillow Coalition Contribution
  • Ripple Glass - Environmental Excellence
  • Rickie L. Roberts, P.E. - Lifetime Achievement


  • Continental Cement Company/Green America Recycling - Environmental Excellence
  • Mike Duvall - Lifetime Achievement
  • Larry "Boot" Pierce - Jan Dillow Coalition Contributions


  • Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. - Environmental Excellence
  • Steve Fishman - Lifetime Achievement
  • Steve Meyer - Jan Dillow Coalition Contributions


  • Avenue of Life - Environmental Excellence
  • Brandy Kean - Jan Dillow Coalition Contributions


  • City of Springfield, Missouri - Environmental Innovation
  • St. Louis Earth Day's Recycling on the Go Program - Environmental Leadership
  • Kevin O'Brien - Lifetime Achievement
  • Mark Russell - Jan Dillow Coalition Contributions


  • Closed Loop Recycling - Environmental Innovation
  • Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives - Environmental Stewardship
  • Scott Kenner - Environmental Leadership
  • Gil Kauffmann - Jan Dillow Coalition Contributions

  • City of Columbia - Environmental Innovation
  • St. Louis Green, Inc. - Environmental Stewardship
  • IESI Timber Ridge Landfill - Leadership
  • Wolf School - Leadership
  • Kathy MacBeth - Jan Dillow Coalition Contributions
  • Missouri Department of Transportation, St. Louis District - Environmental Innovation
  • City of Lee's Summit, Missouri Green on Green Sustainability Fair - Transfer of Technology
  • Whole Foods Market Galleria and Whole Foods Market Town & Country - Environmental Stewardship
  • Purdy Recycling Project and Purdy High School Spanish Club - Solid Waste Leadership 
  • IESI Corporation, Missouri District - Solid Waste Leadership
  • Richard Wieman - Lifetime Achievement
  • Michael Sieczkowski - Jan Dillow Coalition Contributions 


  • Hellmuth & Bicknese Architects, LLC - Environmental Innovation
  • City of Lee's Summit website - Transfer of Technology
  • St. Louis Cardinals - Environmental Stewardship
  • Fred Weber, Inc. - Solid Waste Leadership
  • Robert Geller - Lifetime Achievement
  • Shelley A. Woods - Lifetime Achievement
  • Erick Roberts - Jan Dillow Coalition Contributions


  • Republic Services, Inc. and Leggette Brashears & Graham, Inc. - Environmental Innovation
  • City of Lee's Summit Public Works - Transfer of Technology
  • Saint Louis Zoo - Environmental Stewardship
  • WITS a not-for-profit charity reuse and recycling organization - Solid Waste Leadership
  • Jim Hull - Lifetime Achievement
  • Kristin Allan Tipton - Jan Dillow Coalition Contributions

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